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Ellane learns the command line

About us #

Ellane has been a designer and educational publisher in Australia for more than 30 years.

She writes about keeping things safe and simple while using the best tool for the job, and how paper can be part of an effective workflow.

Follow her at

Johnny is the internet's Johnny.Decimal. His free system gives you the tools you need to organise your digital life.

It helps you find things quickly, with more confidence, and less stress. You can find it at

On Mastodon, Ellane mentioned that she'd like to 'learn the command line'. What she told Johnny was that she wants to:

Also she has a 'burning ambition to learn plain text accounting (hledger, specifically)'. So that's where we're headed.

And so that's what we're going to do here. From zero to hero: I'm going to teach Ellane the command line.

We'll do it all live on Mastodon, with every post then mirrored here. This site has an RSS feed (XML, JSON) which your reader should detect.

So follow along however you want.

To-do #

We knocked this together pretty quickly. All feedback is welcome. Johnny will keep the to-do list here.

Later... #

A list of things that Johnny would like to talk about later.