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Ellane learns the command line

How to close the Terminal window on 'shell' exit

Homework assignment part 1 #

Figure out how to make it so that when you type logout, the window closes.

I poked around in Settings, and found an option under Shell called When the shell exits. The default behaviour was Don’t close the window, which was just the clue I needed!

As I’d hoped, Close the window was also an option in the drop down list.

Homework assignment part 2 #

Why doesn’t Johnny like closing the window with the red button?

I couldn’t find a clear answer to this, so here’s my best guess: Using the red button might run the risk of closing the window before a process has completed successfully, leading to problems.

Is it like leaving the car in a gear other than Park before turning it off?

A tech support question #

This lesson also brought up one of the frustrations I’ve faced in the past when trying to use Terminal.

I’ve pasted in the string I was given (in this case, printenv), pressed Enter, and a process completed successfully. I then wanted to do something else, but nothing I typed showed up on the screen, even though there was a blinking cursor.

What am I missing? Surely the answer isn’t to close the window and open a new one, is it, but if so, why?