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Ellane learns the command line

The One Where Ellane Launches Vim

Okay, this feels like progress!

I cd'd myself to the Documents folder on the first go, by typing in cd Documents, and used ls to see the list of items in that folder. Did the same with the Downloads folder, and was reminded (again) that I really need to clear that one out.

I tried a number of things to cd to a specific nested folder, with no luck.

One of my attempts had an alarming result:

When I could see the folder I wanted to ls in the ls of its parent folder, I typed view [name of folder].

I should have known better than to experiment with unknown commands!

That gave me a blank page with a 1 at the top, and the word Insert at the bottom. logout didn't work, so I committed the press-the-red-dot-to-close-the-window sin.

No more jumping ahead of the teacher for me!