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Ellane learns the command line

A question of case

I successfully cdd to "A_folder_in_quotes" by typing cd \"A and then pressing <tab>.

Then I navigated to a folder with word spaces inside my Obsidian vault, which is nestled four folders deep (don't judge), and pressed <tab> to auto complete its name, which is ALL THE NOTES.

Terminal completed the string like this: cd ALL\ THE\ NOTES.

If I was typing it I'd have initially thought to put the backslash close to the next word, but now I can see that it's immediately preceding the word space, which is the thing we need to escape.

this\that #

I tried to cd to the this/that folder two ways: cd this\/that didn't work (and I don't know why), while cd "this/that" did.

Johnny: Look at this one more closely!

It should be this\that — the same backslash that you use for the escape character.

The puzzle is: how do you include the escape character in an argument if it's the escape character?

Classic error! Okay, I've named the folder correctly now. The answer is, you use two of them: cd this\\that

Is case important? #

Question: is case important? It doesn't seem to be. I've noticed that cd Desktop returns ellane@macbook-pro Desktop % , while cd desktop returns ellane@macbook-pro desktop %.

It's the same location each time, so I'll assume location names aren't case sensitive unless you tell me otherwise.

What's a tty? #

One more question: what's ttys000? And why the % sign? I seem to remember a $ sign being there last time.

Last login: Mon Jun 3 13:29:54 on ttys000
ellane@macbook-pro ~ %

It's good to learn the why behind things that look different to my GUI-trained eyes.

I used to view things like slashes that went the wrong way and underscores between words as tech-virtue signalling: We're More Technical and Clever Than You So We Wrap Things In Extra Bits Because We Can. Seems silly now!